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December 18, 2017 -
Great Gift Ideas for Kids


December 14, 2017 -
Top 5 Items Under $10


December 11, 2017 -
Great Gift Ideas for the Outdoors Person Who Has Everything


December 7, 2017 -
Top 10 Stocking Stuffers


December 4, 2017 -
Top Essentials for the Outdoor Cooking Expert


December 1, 2017 -
Top 5 Items for the Avid Outdoorsperson


November 27, 2017 -
Top 5 Items for Family Camping


2017 Holdiay Gift Guide

Great Gift Ideas for Kids - December 18, 2017


1) Light Sticks

“I don’t like light sticks” said by no kid.  Ever.


2) Bug-Eye Headlight

Great for the campsite, cabin, or the back yard, our kid’s headlight is sure to inspire their imagination and chase away the scary darkness.


3) Seven Function Binoculars

Inspire your child’s imagination and curiosity with our Seven Function Binoculars.


4) Dynamo Flashlight

Small enough to tuck in a pocket or hang on a zipper, the Dynamo Flashlight will always be ready for action with a few cranks of the handle ensuring no one is ever left in the dark.


5) Biner with Compass

The biner makes sure it will never get lost and the compass makes sure THEY will never get lost.


Top 5 Items Under $10 - December 14, 2017


1) Fire Sticks

The quick and easy way to start your fire, our fire sticks have the added benefit of being non-toxic, leaving no odor, burning completely, and they even burn after being submerged in water.


2) Trek 1 First Aid Kit

The Trek I is our practical basic kit good for any day trip – from bandages for boo-boos to antiseptic wipes, all of the basics are here.


3) Paracord

Truly indispensable, paracord has an infinite amount of uses and should be in every outdoor person’s arsenal.


4) Zipper Pull Thermometer

Our thermometer makes grabbing that zipper with mitts on easier and if you are brave enough, it can tell you just how cold it is.


5) Carabiners

Great for attaching almost anything to a pack or hanging things around camp, our biners are sure to put a smile on their face.


Great Gift Ideas for the Outdoors Person Who Has Everything - December 11, 2017


1) Load 'N Lock

Help they protect those precious items even in damp conditions with one of our Load n Lock bags. Multiple sizes ensure a fit for most any item.


2) Survival Candle

When the power goes out reach for this 36 hr. survival candle for both light and warmth.


3) Organizer Bags

Make sure they keep track of all of the little things with our organizer bags.


4) Log Carrier

Indispensable for toting logs to and from the campsite, cabin or house, our log carrier is equally adept at transporting toys, bags, and anything else you can throw at it to make the move quicker and easier.


5) Telescopic Fire Poker

Whether it’s in a fire place or a fire pit, our extendible fire poker with stay-cool wooden handle makes sure no one gets too close to the flames.

Top 10 Stocking Stuffers - December 7, 2017


1) Tent Light

Brighten their stocking with this compact tent light – great for the campground and bedroom forts at sleepover time!


2) Multi-Spice

Spice is the variety of life! Add a little spice to their stocking with our popular multi spice packaged in a convenient shaker bottle with 6 different spices.


3) 4 Function Whistle

Including a magnifier, thermometer, whistle and a compass, it is perfect for the little explorer in all of us!


4) Sierra Cup

This durable, stainless steel cup is great for all outdoor adventures.


5) Fire Disc

The quick and easy way to start your fire, our fire discs are conveniently scored on one side so that they can easily be broken into 4 pieces to start multiple fires.

6) Micro Lantern

Fun and functional, our micro lantern will shed some light on any situation.

7) Hand Warmers

The perfect companion to a cold day, our hand warmers will take the chill off and keep them out longer enjoying the day no matter the temperature.

8) Bear Bells

Don’t let the bells on the bob tails steal all of the glory – give them some Coghlan’s Bear Bells so the bears will know to stay away.

9) Duracon Cutlery Set

Durable but lightweight, this cutlery set will ensure you get your fair share.

10) Compass

Slip this into their stocking so that they can always find their way home.

Top Essentials for the Outdoor Cooking Expert - December 4, 2017


1) Camp Stove Toaster

Our venerable classic camp toaster will put smiles on faces at breakfast time – or any time for that matter.


2) Bamboo Roasting Sticks

Sustainably grown bamboo roasting sticks are great for everything from marshmallows to meat – and best of all there’s no clean up!


3) Non-Stick Corn Popper

Great over an open fire, the non-stick corn popper is a welcome addition to any camping and RV gear collection.


4) Aluminum Camp Griddle

One of our most popular items, the camp griddle proves itself indispensable on every outing. Find out why by adding it to your arsenal!


5) Deluxe Broiler

Makes broiling any meat or grilling vegetables quick and easy.

6) Tripod Grill

The classic way to cook, our tripod grill will bring smiles for its ease of use and the nostalgia it creates.

Top 5 Items for the Avid Outdoorsperson - December 1, 2017

Does someone you know enjoy hiking, canoeing or cycling? Here are our Top 5 gifts for the avid outdoorsperson (including an ingenious hack for decorating your tree with our tissue products)


1) Lightweight Dry Bag

Brave the elements with our roll-top seam-sealed dry bags. A perfect gift for someone who wants to stay dry and organized whether on the trail or travelling with the current.


2) One Cup Coffee Filter

Ideal for the coffee nut who needs fresh brewed coffee to start their day.


3) Egg Holder

Want to surprise everyone at breakfast time on your next hiking or biking trip? Our egg holder is made of crush-proof plastic for peace of mind. Choose from 3 sizes for the perfect gift to securely carry from 2 to 12 eggs.


4) Odor Proof Storage Bags

Great for storing food in a bag, pack or the RV to make sure nothing escapes – not even a smell.


5) Tissue on the Go

So convenient you will wonder how you lived without it.

Top 5 Items for Family Camping - November 27, 2017


1) Pop up Trash Bin and Pop-Up Recycle Bin

Perfect for every family camping trip, each bin keeps the camp site neat and tidy! It can also be used to store important gear like sleeping bags or as storage space on the trips to and from the campsite.


2) Cast Iron Camp Cooker

Our Cast Iron Camp Cooker can be inserted right into the fire to make fantastic pies, grilled cheese or your favorite sandwich. A must for every trip.


3) 9 Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

Being at the campsite shouldn’t mean we have to go without a great cup o’ Joe. Try our classic percolator coffee makers to make the mornings a little brighter.


4) Battery Powered Air Pump

Avoid having a camping trip fall ‘flat’ with one of our battery powered air pumps to keep beach toys and air beds full and ready for action.


5) Hammocks

What is more quintessentially camping than hanging out in a hammock? Give the gift of relaxation in style with one of our hammocks. Available in both single and double sizes.


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