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Coghlan's Parachute Hammocks and Accessories

Coghlan's Parachute Hammocks

Coghlan's has a full line of nylon parachute hammocks and accessories for lounging in the great outdoors. With single, double and insect mesh hammocks, Coghlan's has the perfect hammock to meet your  needs.

Coghlan's Single Parachute Hammocks

This hammock is a great addition to any basecamp, but it's also the perfect companion when attending festivals, at the cabin, or anywhere you travel around the world. The whole hammock fits inside the attached stuff sack which also doubles as a pocket for small items. Features a flat pocket on the side of the hammock for storing larger items like a book, tablet, or water bottle. Includes straps and carabiners for secure hanging from a structure or tree. Choose from vibrant colors like blue, green, or the printed fashion camo.


Coghlan's Double Parachute Hammocks

The Coghlan’s double hammock is an easy way to relax with a companion, or solo in style. Made of durable and comfortable nylon parachute fabric, enjoy time in the sun or sleeping under the stars. The whole hammock fits inside the attached stuff sack which also doubles as a pocket for small items. Features a flat pocket on the side of the hammock for storing larger items like a book, tablet, or water bottle. Includes straps and carabiners for secure hanging from a structure or tree. Each double hammock features vibrant 2 colors, choose from blue and grey, or orange and grey.



Coghlan's Hammock Mosquito Sleeve

From the backyard to the backcountry, our Hammock Mosquito Sleeve has got you covered. Featuring 130 holes/in² mesh, it will block most flying insects including mosquitos and black flies to ensure comfort while in the outdoors. Additionally, the reinforced webbing, included ridge-line rope and a double zipper make setup secure and convenient. Fitting comfortably over most hammocks, it attaches simply and quickly by feeding the hammock through the netting from one end to the other. A quick-cinch toggle closure ensures a snug fit at both ends for reliable, consistent performance. An integrated stuff sack allows for easy storage when not in use.



Coghlan's Utility Tarp

Our Utility Tarp features durable polyester treated with a Durable Water Repellent coating and taped seams to keep things dry and comfortable no matter what Mother Nature throws at you. Fabric loops placed around the edges of the tarp allow it to be set up with poles, tiedowns or hung between trees. It functions equally well as a tarp for shelter, ground cover, as a lean-to, over a hammock or to cover a seating and cooking area to protect from the elements. Reinforced corners ensure durability and strength and double stitched webbed loops across the ridgeline and at the tiedown points allow for taut pitching in any weather. The included stuff sack holds the tarp and all accessories simplifying packing, and quickly getting you back out on the trail.



Coghlan's Hammock Straps

This set of hammock straps is great if you want to extend the length of the the straps that are included with parachute hammocks, making it easier to hang a hammock in more locations. These straps also have a widened nylon sheath, to reduce damage to trees.

Coghlan's Hammock Carabiners

A spare set of the same carabiners that are included with parachute hammocks. These carabiners are very strong and are designed with smooth edges for safety and to reduce to damage to straps and hammocks.

Basic Hammock Setup

Before you get started...

Before every use inspect the hammock, and straps for defects that may compromise a user’s safety.

How to Set Up a Coghlan's Hammock (Video)





1) First find two trees the hammock can comfortably fit between. The trees should be between 10' and 14' apart.


2) Unpack your hammock and provided rope from the handy stuff bag.


3) Measure a loop in the cord that's about 20% longer than the circumference of the tree you're using. 


Then, tie a knot to create the loop.


4) Wrap the new loop around the tree at head level. 


5) Pull the knot through that loop creating a cinch.


6) Open the part of the loop between the knot and the tree and attach your hammock carabiner.


7) Repeat this process with the other tree.


Once in the hammock you should have about 18" between the ground and the center of the hammock. 


Check that your ropes are properly secured and both carabiners are closed. 

Before you get in...

After setting up your hammock, double check that your suspension ropes and straps are secured properly, and that all carabiners are closed.

Be sure that the ground beneath the hammock is soft, and free of rocks, plants or any objects that might injure a person after exiting the hammock or if they fall out of the hammock.

Be sure that there are no sharp objects (keys, tools, pocket knives) in your pockets or attached to your person, that may damage the hammock, compromising its safety.


While using the hammock...

While occupied, hammocks should not be hang more than 18” from the ground.

Be sure to sit low in the hammock to make sure that it hangs evenly and securely.


Storage and Maintainance

Prolonged exposure to the sun and UV rays may cause your hammock to degrade and become unsafe.

Store in a dark, dry, and cool place when not in use.

Warning: Do not stand in hammock. Do not climb in hammock feet first. Not recommended for pets. Always use hammock with caution. Children under 18 must not use the hammock without adult supervision. This hammock should never be left unattended in an area frequented by small children.




Tree Strap Setup

Coghlan's also offers a set of adjustable sheet straps that make it easier to hang the hammock in more locations, while also preventing potential damage to trees.

1) To hang the hammock using the strap, wrap the strap around the tree.


2) Insert the knotted end through the pre-made loop to create the cinch. 


3) Pull the ropes between the first and second knot and attach the hammock carabiner there. 


Hammock Mosquito Sleeve Setup




Utility Tarp Setup



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