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#703 Canvas Tent Repair Kit

#860BP Rubber Repair Kit

#7870 Magnesium Fire Starter

#7925 Snake Bite Kit

#8252 Camper's Knife (fork and spoon)

#8162 Map Compass

#8164 Lensatic Compass

#8800 Water Filter

#9010 Aluminum Camp Cooker

#9013 Refillable Utility Lighter

#9685 Map Compass

#0088 Combination Compass

#0205 Nylon Tent Repair Kit

#0238 Binoculars for Kids

#0194 Tent Pole Repair Kit

#0490 Outdoorsman Digital Compass

#0491 Big Screen Digital Compass

#0492 Time & Temp Digital Dangler

#0493 Wireless Weather Station

#0744 Cast Iron Camp Cooker

#1560 Portable Power Pack


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